Veterans Community Awareness Event

by Mackenzie Stasko on November 6, 2013 at 7:07 am

Zane State College held its 2nd annual Veterans Community Awareness Event on Wednesday. Bruce Davis, President of the Student Veterans of America, says the event is designed to help service members and their families learn about benefits they might not know about and to also help them transition from military life to civilian life, something Davis says can be a big problem.

"The biggest problem is just the cultural change," said Davis. "It’s a total different lifestyle going from a military structured lifestyle to a civilian lifestyle and they don’t feel like other civilians understand them or understand what they went through."

Davis says as more and more veterans are returning home from war or other deployments, more are registering for college. He says there was a good turn out at Wednesday’s event and that a lot of families learned about resources they didn’t know were available.

"They found out that there’s some things in the community that they didn’t know about. We have everything from Christian organizations, mental health services, veterans service organizations that help deal with disabilities and such."

Davis says all veterans should take advantage of the benefits they have available to them and to not be afraid of transitioning into the civilian lifestyle.