Zane State College Property To Be Annexed

by Mackenzie Stasko on November 21, 2013 at 6:57 am

Philip Phillips, an attorney representing Zane State College, met with the Muskingum County Commissioner’s Thursday morning to discuss the annexing of about 6 1/2 acres of Falls Twp. land that is owned by the college. Phillips says in order for Zane State to hook up to the city of Zanesville’s water and sewer lines without being charged, the land needed to be annexed.

"The city then adopted ordinances agreeing that they would accept it in setting forth the services that they’re going to provide," Phillips explained. "Falls Township would have an opportunity to object if under the statute, there was a basis to object, which they chose not to do apparently."

Phillips says the meeting was just to go over the paperwork, which will now be sent to the city of Zanesville for approval.

"The property is formerly the Muskingum County Home which generated no taxes anyway because it was county property and it’s now going to be owned by a state university. So the real estate will continue to be tax exempt."

The plot of land is located directly across from Zane State’s main campus on Newark Road.