ZHS Football Team Dinner

by Courtney Wheaton on November 8, 2013 at 12:11 pm

For the past seven years the Zanesville High School football team meets at Honeybaked Ham right before their playoff game and this year the team could make history.

The Division 2 winning team dished out an outstanding 10 and 0 season and Blue Devils Head Coach, Chad Grandstaff says he believes that this team has what it takes to go further than ever before.

"Back in 1978 we had a Blue Devil team get into the Final Four and lost in the Final Four to get to the State Championship game other than that a total of 6 times, but we have won one other game in the playoffs and we have to get out of that first round, " said Grandstaff.

The team dinner is a way for the boys to get mentally prepared, scarf down some much needed protein and come together one last time before facing their opponents.

"I think this tradition of coming to team meal is great… It bonds the team and it brings them together and Coach Grandstaff, they walk together to the restaurant as a team they become bonded for life I think, " said Honeybaked Ham Cafe Owner, Mike Alfman.

The community and local organizations all rally behind the team to make meals like this available, including local restaurants, the Quarterback Club and the Mother’s club. Team members say all of the support inspires them to do their best.

"It’s really nice, said Zanesville Wide Receiver, Dar Stanford. It helps us out a lot knowing that everyone is behind us and everyone supports us… it gives us a reason to go out there play our hardest and leave it all out on the field."

Whatever the outcome of the home play off game Friday against St.Charles… coaches, parents and the entire community are proud of the Blue Devils and wish them luck.