2014 Y-Bridge Arts Fest Planned At Zane’s Landing

by Mackenzie Stasko on December 12, 2013 at 6:50 am

The Y-Bridge Arts Festival is about nine months away, but planning has already begun.

The 2014 festival will be held at Zane’s Landing. Co-director of the festival, Linda Regula, created the festival back in 2009. For the first three years it was held on the Y-Bridge, then in 2012 it was held at Zane’s Landing and this past August, it was held at Colony Square Mall. Although the festival won’t be on the bridge itself, Regula says she’s happy it’s back downtown.

"Well there’s a lot of issues. But the mayor has agreed that we can do the ribbon cutting on the bridge and we will use Zane Landing for the actual festival," Regula explained. "They’ve done a lot of improvements, we’re gonna light the trees up, we’re gonna make it really special and we’re just tickled to death to be back downtown."

The festival will feature at least 60 or 70 artists from all over the country, music, food and of course, all forms of art, including an area for children to get their creativity flowing.

"They create hands on projects, they learn about our city, about the history of the Y-Bridge and to me, that’s the most important part. Even though i’m an artist, I think educating children about the arts will carry this on into the future."

If businesses are interested in sponsoring the event, or if you’re an artist and would like to participate, you can find all of the information and forms you need online at www.ybridgeartsfestival.org.