A Final Farewell To South Zanesville Mayor and Firefighter, Terry Richard “Dick” Guss

by Mackenzie Stasko on December 19, 2013 at 6:42 am

A local hero was laid to rest on Thursday.

Hundreds of people and at least 30 fire departments from across Ohio and West Virginia paid their respects to the late South Zanesville mayor and firefighter, Terry Richard "Dick" Guss at his funeral on Thursday. New Concord Fire Department’s Fire Chief, Brent Gates, described Guss as a well respected and dedicated firefighter who always went the extra mile.

"I would say I’ve known dick for 28 years and whether it was a county fire school, or a fire, you could always see Dick filling air bottles, or chipping in or doing something," Gates said of the late firefighter.  

On its way to Memorial Park Cemetery, the funeral procession went past the South Zanesville Fire Department, where Guss served as a volunteer firefighter for 28 years. In remembrance of his sacrifice of giving his life while in the line of duty, MedFlight circled above the cemetery, the sound of fire alarms went off and Guss’ name and radio number were called out one last time over the scanner. When there was no response, the dispatcher acknowledged Guss’ bravery and service.

"It’s kind of a last call, kind of a tradition to honor a person who sacrificed his life and gave so much back to the community he lived in. It’s only right that we do this to honor him."

Gates says the last call symbolizes a firefighter "going home." Guss passed away on Sunday evening following a fall he sustained while on duty. He was 71-years-old.