Alleged Murderer Shaquille Davis Arrested

by Katie McGraw on December 30, 2013 at 9:07 am

The Zanesville Police Department announced Wednesday afternoon, it caught the main suspect in the murder of 24 year old, Phillip Kimbro Jr.

Captain Tony Coury says, ZPD’s Detective Bureau and Special Response Team received information earlier on Wednesday, that 19 year old, Shaquille Davis of Zanesville, was in an apartment in the north end of town.

"After they got the necessary paper work, the SRT team did go to the north end of Zanesville, serve a search warrant and found Shaquille,” Coury said. “There was no resisting, they used minimal force to get inside the apartment and he surrendered with no problem."

Coury says, Davis has been charged with one count of aggravated murder with a gun specification in connection with the death of Kimbro. Kimbro’s body was discovered burning on County Road 15 in Morgan County last month. At this time, Coury says they do not know the motive behind the murder but he believes Kimbro and Davis are relatives.

“Our detectives will continue to investigate the matter, it is by no means closed. There are still other people of interest and they will continue to talk to people if there was any assistance or if anybody helped Shaquille Davis in anyway, I am sure we are going to talk to them."

Davis is currently being held in the city jail. if found guilty Coury says he could face life in prison.