CASS MIND Mentoring Services

by Katie McGraw on December 3, 2013 at 9:34 am

The CASS MIND mentoring service is in its sixth year of establishment and Tuesday night, its members celebrated with a Christmas party and talent show!

The CEO and director of CASS MIND Academy, Cassandra McDonald says Muskingum University students come to the Bethel Mission Lower Putnam Community Center every Tuesday to work with and mentor children from fourth grade through high school.

"What they do is, they mentor them, help them with homework and they address issues such as bullying, and just self esteem and just other things that will help them,” McDonald explained. “As one of the students was saying, he has been with us for about four or five years, he said ‘We know that they know me and that they are here for me.’"

McDonald says each week they have different programs, such as guest speakers, various activities to mentor the children’s self esteem or fun events like Tuesday’s Christmas party.

"Well the Christmas party is wonderful, because you learn to exchange, and you have fun because it is about social ethics, as well; learning how to be social, learning how to give, how to share and to see other people have joy."

The mentoring service is open to any student in Muskingum County. CASS MIND has also been certified by the Department of Education to have an autistic learning center, the first of its kind in Muskingum County. If you wish to sign your child up for either of these programs or any of the other classes offered at CASS MIND call 888-204-4277.