Community Puts Spotlight on Influential Local Woman

by Courtney Wheaton on December 28, 2013 at 11:58 am

Marilyn Swope has held many titles over the years including 1st grade teacher, quilter and the first female Mayor of Zanesville.

The Women’s Initiative Network hosted the "Spotlight on Marilyn Swope" open house at the Masonic Temple on Saturday afternoon  to recognize one of their most influential members. The event also served as a fundraiser to provide scholarship grants that help young women reach their goals.

"There seems to be more help out there for young men so that’s our goal is to help women where they are doing something inspiring to encourage them to do more," said Swope.

Swope says that one of the issues plaguing women today is equal pay. She says that men still make a significant amount more than women for the same amount of work. Swope has stayed busy in the year’s after leaving the mayor’s office.

"Well of course quilting and different organizations I belong to AAUW. I belong to fiber arts groups and genealogy is one of my interest, " said Swope.

During the event Swope December 28th was declared Marilyn Swope day by Mayor Jeff Tilton. She also received recognition from the Ohio Governor’s Office.

For more information about her or the Women’s Initiative Network feel free to contact the number on your screen.