Craft Bazaar at Bishop Rosecrans

by Courtney Wheaton on December 7, 2013 at 4:50 am

Hundreds of people came out to Bishop Rosecrans High School in order to complete their Christmas shopping at the annual Craft Bazaar.

The school was filled with vendors selling a variety of hand crafted and home made goods, decorations and jewelry. One local artist says participating on Saturday gave him a chance to showcase his unique drawings and sketches to the public.

I really started out drawing a lot of Jesus drawings," said Bobby Shaw. I’ve just worked on a lot of different types usually sports especially Ohio State, people love Ohio."

Shaw says he enjoys interacting with the crowds and hearing their responses. Event Coordinator of the Craft Bazaar, Amy Nern also enjoys watching the community come together every year.

"It kind of gets everybody in the holiday spirit a lot of people come and do their Christmas shopping and it’s a community event that everybody looks forward to so it’s fun to be part of that,"said Nern.

Nern expects to raise more than $5,000 dollars for the school and the money will go towards providing equipment,supplies and general funding for Rosecrans.