Day Two Of Deer Gun Season

by Mackenzie Stasko on December 3, 2013 at 8:48 am

Deer gun season ends on Sunday and so far, it  looks like it’s going well for most hunters. Kathy McCann, the owner of the Dillon Falls Store, says her store has already checked in over 50 deer within the past two days.

"It’s been surprising to me because you can do it online and you can buy your tags there but what I’ve noticed is more people are coming back to checking them in the old way," McCann explained. "They like getting together and actually seeing the deer that are out there, maybe even seeing if their buck has been killed by someone else."

It only took Ron Faulhaber about an hour to find an 8-point buck here in Muskingum County. He says hunting is a family tradition and he looks forward to it every year.

"A lot of times, the second day is probably one of my favorite days and it’s just average sized buck," said Faulhaber. "I’m happy with it. It’s meat on the table."

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