Deer Gun Season Begins

by Courtney Wheaton on December 2, 2013 at 7:13 am

The woods of Muskingum County and the rest of Ohio were filled with hunters on Monday. It was the first day of deer gun season.

Approximately 90,000 deer are expected to be killed during deer season in Ohio this year and Muskingum County is getting in on the action.

"It’s the best deer hunting in the world I mean you cant beat it, I mean small town great people awesome deer hunting biggest bucks in the world around here, " said Hunter, Deric Wilson.

Wilson currently lives in Hawaii and comes back home to hunt every year much like the other hopefuls from more than 19 states in the nation that visit Muskingum County during deer gun season. Owner of the Dillon Falls Store , Kathy McCann says it’s all a part of the sportsman culture.

"We still check them in here at the store, we like taking the pictures a lot of that to some hunters is a tradition they continue to do that although there is an online system they like that too, but the prefer everyone coming in and seeing their deer and taking their picture, " said McCann.

One local hunter says he started coming to check in back in 1976 with his grandparents and the people he has met over the years are like family.

"I like seeing all the locals. I mean I grew up here, Kathy I mean everybody, I’ve hunted with for years I see them here see what they got what their kids got and the grandkids it’s just a good experience. "

This year hunters say they are pleased with the amount of deer that they have seen so far including 12-year old, Aaron Staffy who shot a doe on Monday.

"It was going around and it came in front of me and I shot it right in the heart, it was a pretty big size, " said Staffy.

McCann wants to wish all of the hunters luck and big bucks this season she also advises them to wear their hunter orange, check the rules and regulations books and get out of the woods 30 minutes after sunset.