George Hiotis

Exotic Animals Owners Need Permit

by George Hiotis on December 31, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Ohio officials have issued no permits to owners of dangerous wild animals, though they are required to have them to keep their creatures starting Wednesday.  A spokesman for the State’s Department of Agriculture said seven applications have been completed, while another 30 are in progress. Erica Hawkins says the state expects to be receiving the applications into the New Year.  Officials also have 90 days to determine whether a potential permit holder meets Ohio’s new restrictions on certain snakes and animals. The permits are among the last pieces of the state’s exotic animal crackdown to take effect.  Other provisions, such as a ban on buying new animals, have been in place since 2012.  Efforts to strengthen the law increased at suicidal owners Terry Thompson released dozens of exotic animals on his Muskingum County farm in 2011.