Nichole Hannahs

Farmer Loses Thousands in Barn Fire

by Nichole Hannahs on December 4, 2013 at 6:38 am

An area farmers loses nearly $100,000 in hay and farm equipment after a fire on Adamsville Road, Wednesday morning.

The Washington Township Fire Department was called to 3060 Adamsville Road across from McDonald’s Greenhouse when a barn caught fire. Owner James McDonald said that they had just finished feeding his cows and believes his skid steer exhaust got too close to a round hay bale and caught fire. McDonald said he was alerted to the fire when he saw smoke coming out of the barn, but then it was too late.

"It’s very rough. It’s like a part of the family," said Owner James McDonald. "When my boys come home from school for the day they’ll be devastated because this is what they grew up with . But, it’s all replaceable, nobody got hurt, all the animals are safe. I’m good with that."

It took crews from several fire departments to help put out the blaze. Washington Township Fire Chief Gene Hanning said when they arrived the roof was falling in. He said luckily there were fire hydrants nearby, but it still took several hours to put out completely.

"Most generally a barn fire is once it’s on fire and in the hay the cows will never eat it anyway because of the smoke," said Washington Township Chief Gene Hanning. "It’s just a toughy to get and get tore apart where a house fire is going in there and tearing it apart pretty quick and get it contained."

McDonald said they have plenty of hay for the winter and will call the insurance company and will rebuild. The fire department was able to save some equipment. Washington Township was assisted at the scene by Falls, Perry and Adamsville Volunteer Fire Departments along with the Zanesville Fire Department.