From Music to Donations

by Katie McGraw on December 23, 2013 at 10:06 am

A local orchestra that hosted a classic concert a few weeks ago, donated the proceeds raised at the event to a favorite charitable organization Monday afternoon.

The Zanesville Civic Chorus and Orchestra presented for the 84th time in Zanesville, Handel’s "Messiah" on December 15th at Central Trinity United Methodist Church and instead of making a profit, the musical group made a donation to a worthy cause.

"For the past twelve years, we’ve had the total funding for the concert before the concert,” explained Director of Music of The Zanesville City Chorus, James McLaughlin. “We still passed the offering plate for freewill offering and we’ve given that offering to charities. This year, Christ’s table was the main charity- we have had over 14 hundred dollars to be given to them today."

McLaughlin said it was a no brainier to offer the donation to Christ’s Table for the third time of the past twelve years.

"Well, they are a block away from the church and if you are thinking of charities that help people, you know food in your stomach is a good way to start helping people out so it is just an obvious place that we should offer it."

McLaughlin said more than 120 performers participated to a packed house and thanked the generous community for their donations and the foundations that helped sponsor the concert.