Hampton Inn Offers Free One-Night Stay To Travelers Visiting Ill Family

by Mackenzie Stasko on December 19, 2013 at 6:54 am

The Hampton Inn is offering a promotion called "Room in the Inn" for families with loved ones in the hospital.

"To be eligible, you just have to be coming in from out of town to visit anyone in any type of a treatment facility," explained Leanne Davis, who works in guest services. "This could be a nursing home, a hospital, a recovery center. We just want to make it possible for them to visit their family over the holiday season so they’re eligible for a free night stay with us on Christmas Eve."

If you’re holiday plans are outside of Zanesville, Davis says the offer is still open at other locations.

"For anyone in Zanesville who is planning on traveling outside of the city to another area, again, we’re one of just about 200 members under TMI that are taking part in this program so if they would like to find soemthing closer to the city that they need to go to, they should just visit TMIhospitality.com and again, the program is called Room in the Inn."

For more information you can go online to  www.tmihospitality.com.