Help Muskingum County Kids Have A Merry Christmas

by Mackenzie Stasko on December 6, 2013 at 6:46 am

There are some children and teenagers in Muskingum County that won’t open anything this Christmas, but you can help change that.

A local organization called Adopt-A-Child has been working hard since October to find donors willing to purchase Christmas gifts for children involved with Muskingum County’s Children Services. Adopt-A-Child Chairman, Annie England, says so far 300 people have donated Christmas gifts to children through their organization, but says there are still at least 25 children in protective custody who won’t get to open anything this Christmas.

"Our committee has no money," explained England. "We don’t keep any of the money and people are urged to call children’s services and they can request an age of a child, the gender and tell how much money they wish to spend and then children’s services will match them with a child who meets their requirements."

England says every year volunteers help sort through and wrap each present. Then, the Philo Boys Basketball Team stops by to load all of the presents into the truck. Chase Hambel has helped load the truck full of presents for the past four years. Hambel says, just knowing he’s helping, is a good feeling.

"You realize how blessed you are I mean they treat them well down there, but they still don’t get to spend Christmas with their family and that’s, it makes you feel blessed to know that you can do that with your family," Hambel said about helping out the organization.

England says the receipt of each gift is held onto so if something needs to be exchanged or returned, parents or guardians can do so through Muskingum County Children Services. If you would like to donate Christmas presents to a local child or teen this Christmas, you can contact Muskingum County Children Services at 740-455-6710