Keeping Pets Safe During the Holidays

by Courtney Wheaton on December 16, 2013 at 6:37 am

With the holidays quickly approaching pet owners need to be aware of certain hazards for their animals.

Executive Director at the Animal Shelter in Muskingum County ,Jody Murray says that holiday decorations especially trees can cause serious harm to your pets.

"Biggest thing is make sure you get your tree secure with pets and particularly larger animals coming around they can easily knock your tree down. If you are looking at a live tree there are some additives that some folks put in the tree to make them last longer, most of those are going to be toxic to animals," said Murray.

Other attractive yet deadly toxic plants includes Holly, Mistle Toe and Poinsettias. Along with decorations, holiday foods are another source of danger for your animals.

"The holidays are obviously a time when you have special food around a lot of candy, chocolate, cookies all of those kind of things potentially could cause harm to your pets, " said Murray.

Murray says instead of giving your pets human food a perfect gift for animals during the holidays are pet specific treats bought from a pet store.