Large Crowds at West Muskingum Holiday Panorama

by Courtney Wheaton on December 16, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Thousands of people gathered at West Muskingum High School for the first ever Holiday Panorama of the Arts.

Children ages K-12 displayed their art work and performed in concerts at the large scale event. Art teacher at West Muskingum, Kelsey Schrock says the faculty has worked since September on the project.

"I think we met every month after that and its been very tough organizing just because we wanted to do so much, but I think it turned out great music and art are collaborating great and I think we have a really good turnout, " said Schrock.

Schrock says West Muskingum School District Superintendent, William Harbron is a huge supporter of the arts and created the idea to showcase the various talents of West M students.

"We have musical and instrumental performances as well as a k – 12 art gallery, we also have kids crafts and we also have a Cookie Walk. Santa is here and also our high school art club painted furniture and we are auctioning it off and half of it will go to Christ’s Table," said Schrock.

Schrock says she hopes this becomes an annual event and adds it was nice to see all of the young people enjoy themselves at such a positive school function.