Law Enforcement Increases Staff on New Year’s Eve

by Courtney Wheaton on December 31, 2013 at 6:55 am

The Zanesville Police Department is expected to be out in full force on Tuesday helping the public bring in the new year safely.

Captain Douglas Merry says that during this time of year the department beefs up it’s staff to ensure full coverage during the beginning of the year celebrations.

"We will be watching for drunk drivers so we are hoping that people who are out enjoying themselves for the evening have designated drivers set up for them or at least call for a ride and not drive drunk because we really don’t want to start off the new year with someone being injured or in an accident," said Merry.

Along with drunk driving, Merry says that there are certain crimes that escalate during this time of year. He says that just this morning there were six cases of vandalism in our area.

" Besides domestics going up because people are kind of cooped up that aren’t usually cooped up together and old family arguments, we also see more vandalism to vehicles, break ins to vehicles, just prank stuff like that and more thefts because people know more items and new items, " said Merry.

The police department suggests people look out for their neighbors and give them a call if they notice any suspicious or abnormal activity going on around them.