Local Library Makes Changes for the New Year

by Courtney Wheaton on December 16, 2013 at 6:37 am

The John McIntire Library is set to implement some procedural changes after receiving suggestions from its patrons.

Starting on January 2nd, library card holders will be able to put more items on their cards including books and cd’s.

"Currently customers can borrow 50 items at one time using their library card and that will increase to 75 items which sounds like quite a lot. Some families use one card for their entire family so it make its easier for them to manage," said Library Assistant Director, Blair Tom.

Tom says that a seven member board of trustees met and reviewed comments from the public and decided to provide longer check out times for visitors. He says the library is capable of handling the large number of materials leaving the library once the new procedures take place.

"We’ve studied this closely," said Tom. We believe we have the size of collection and a process that will support this and still leave plenty of materials for everyone to find what they are looking for. "

Other changes include the length of time audio books can be checked out. It will go from two weeks to three weeks in order to give users a chance to complete the books before returning them.

Tom says he believes teachers as well the general public will really enjoy these slight adjustments.