Local Robotics Club is Gearing Up for Competition

by Courtney Wheaton on December 12, 2013 at 10:13 am

For the past two years the Zanesville Robotics Club has designed a robot to put in the worldwide VEX Robotics Competition. The first year the group qualified for the world championship in Anaheim, California and last year they fell short of that goal, but were state finalist for Ohio and Indiana. This year they say they are ready to make a comeback and take the world competition by storm.

"This year we definitely bumped up our robot, we made it faster which is something we haven’t done in the past two years. It’s definitely one of the fastest robots that has come out of Zanesville and this game is definitely one of the hardest dimension wise," said Team Captain, Kayla Berry.

" Robot 4112a features 10 high torque motors, a 10 bar lift, and omni directional wheels and that’s why they believe their robot is ready for competition."

The robot is also capable of being operated through computer programming and by remote control each year VEX switches the game that the contestants play and this time the board is full of bumps, balls and goals for the teams to overcome in order to rack up points. The club says they work more than 30 hours a week to make sure that they are ready to compete.

"If we want to get to world I got to be spot on everything I can do, can’t waste anytime during the competition," said Team Member, Matthew Burnell.

"Some of the difficulties we’ve had is getting over the bump," said Team Member, Corey Gibson. It’s two inches high and we have to get the robot to be mobile enough to get over the bump and move efficiently. "

Although winning is important, the team says that the life skills they are learning throughout the process is the most valuable part of being a member of the club.

"It has helped my problem solving in different ways, teamwork which is an essential part of robotics that interested me and also the programming of the robot, which is all done through technology that has always interested me and I always look to do better in that, " said Team Member Peritosh Kanhe.

"In any profession learning how to solve problems and to work as a team is going to be critical to their careers no matter what they choose so throughout the few years that we’ve had this the people who have experienced it have got a head start on professionalism, " said Advisor, Bill Stewart.

On December 17th the team will go to a competition in Marion,Ohio to qualify to become state finalists, the first step in their quest to become world champions.

The robotic club is paid for through private and local donations to encourage students to particpate in STEM education. Zane State gave more the $23,000 to local robotics programs to expand interest in science, tech, egineering and mathmatics.