Locals Hope For a White Christmas

by Courtney Wheaton on December 22, 2013 at 12:00 pm

It’s officially the first day of winter and temperatures reached the mid fifties. Locals are having mixed feelings about the uncharacteristic start to winter.

Bryn Bird is a mother and farmer from the Granville area and she says that she enjoys having a break from the snow, but is not a fan of one other thing.

"I would rather it be cold at least so the ground is frozen. Right now my husband is tracking in mud and I’m mopping the floors like four times day so it would be nice if the ground froze again for our farm. We are trying to get a lot of our winter work in, moving ground around to put in greenhouses and with all that mud its kind of making it impossible." said Bird.

Another local mom says that she would like to see snow for Christmas and the rainy weather on Saturday was shocking to her and her children.

"This is the first day I haven’t had to dress my kids in fifteen layers so it’s kind of stresses me out a little bit, I have to plan their whole christmas outfit again, but as a woman you don’t want a rainy day for your hair and honestly for your body if it aches, " said Durphee.

Both women’s wishes may go unanswered. . . It is unlikely we will have a white Christmas.