Main Street Buildings Will Likely Be Demolished

by Mackenzie Stasko on December 31, 2013 at 5:15 am

While responding to a report of a hawk inside a vacant building in downtown Zanesville, the Zanesville Fire Department discovered part of side-by-side buildings had collapsed. City of Zanesville building official, Tim Smith, says both 606 and 608 Main Street are partially collapsed and will likely need to be demolished. He said an engineer will examine the buildings Tuesday morning, along with three demolition contractors, to determine a risk assessment and how quickly the city needs to react.

"The problem is we only have one stable building on that block and that’s the Coffman building, all these other buildings adjoin, they all have common walls," Smith explained. "The Nader building which collapsed several years ago, may not withstand this demolition and we have an occupied building next to it and it may not withstand this demolition."

Smith estimates the cost of demolishing the buildings will cost at most, $500,000, but says the owners will ultimately be liable for the entire cost. Smith and other city officials plan on contacting the state, the EPA and other organizations to help offset the major cost. The eastbound lanes of Main Street between Sixth and Seventh Streets will be blocked off until further notice.

"At this point, we’re blocking off the alley in front of the 600 block of Main on the south side and two lanes of Main Street we’re gonna have traffic shut off on their because we don’t want that vibration going up through there." 

This is the second building loss to downtown Zanesville this month. On December 8, a fire destroyed a building on Sixth Street, which was later demolished.