Muskingum Recreation Center Board Talks Budget

by Courtney Wheaton on December 23, 2013 at 6:46 am

The Vice President of the Muskingum Recreation Board met with the Muskingum County Commissioners to give them an update on the progress of new recreation center.

Vice President, Michael Steen says the board has raised more than 16 million dollars to build the state of the art recreation center on the Ohio University Zanesville Campus. 5.5 million was raised through a public campaign while the rest was done through a 10.5  million dollar commitment by the Ohio Finance Fund. However they are still in need of $300,000 to complete construction. Today Steen suggested two ways that the commissioners could aid in that goal.

"A donation of about $250,000 to help us out, the other one was to increase the counties conveyance fee, many of the counties in Ohio are already at 4 percent which is the max you can charge. The buyer pays a conveyance fee in a real estate transaction which is currently as $3 in Muskingum County," said Steen.

Steen says raising the fee by $1,the county could produce $180,000 annually that he says could be earmarked to the recreation center. He says that the center is an investment in the future of this community.

"Between our healthcare with the hospitals expansion, Zane State College with their new tech center and with the rec center that’s a quality of life improvement," said Steen.

The commissioners are currently evaluating the board’s requests and say they appreciate their efforts.