OSHP Offers Tips For Driving In Winter Weather

by Mackenzie Stasko on December 11, 2013 at 6:53 am

With the rise in accidents this time of year, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is urging drivers to pay attention and slow down.

Lieutenant Matt Boyd of the Zanesville Post, says traveling at an unsafe speed while the roads are bad is the number one cause of accidents during the winter months.

"Just because the speed limit is 70 MPH on the interstate certainly doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive 70 MPH when the road are like they have been," Lt. Boyd explained. "So it’s not necessarily whose driving the speed limit but driving a speed limit that’s safe for the conditions of the roadway."

Boyd says the second biggest cause of accidents this time of year is following too close. He recommends drivers give themselves plenty of room and plenty of time to get to their destination. But most of all, Boyd says preparing your vehicle for the cold weather is key to staying safe.

"The primary thing I would recommend is that people make sure their vehicle is ready for the trip. Good windshield wipers, make sure their lights are working, of course this time of year good tires on their care, rough tread tires or at least good tire tread."

During winter, Boyd says drivers should keep a cell phone charger in their vehicle and suggests keeping blankets, cold weather gear like hats and scarves, and food and water inside your vehicle in case you get stranded.