Shedding Holiday Weight

by Mackenzie Stasko on December 26, 2013 at 6:45 am

With the holiday’s coming to an end, people are starting their New Year’s resolutions early to get back into shape.

Fieldhouse CEO, Mick Amicone, says when it comes to exercising after all of those holiday meals, two common mistakes people make are overexerting themselves on the first day and being unrealistic about workout goals.

"They want to lose that 10 pounds that they gained over the holiday’s and they want it now," Amicone explained. "They don’t understand they’ve already excited their metabolism, or done something that’s not just gonna take a month to get over."

If you’re looking to drop the holiday weight, Amicone suggests starting out slow and says to examine your intake. If you’re the competitive type, the "Best Loser" contest is starting up again next month.

"Best Loser is a contest with prizes at the end, when you put something, the carrot at the end and you’ll over them that," said Director of Operations at the Fieldhouse, Jim Fraunfealter. "It’s something they’ve got to work for into February, March and April. You try to lose the most weight or the percentage of weight and then there’s the reward after that."

If competing isn’t your thing, the Fieldhouse also offers individual personal training and group exercise classes to help you reach your goal.