Standing O for Zakany

by Katie McGraw on December 23, 2013 at 10:08 am

Monday at City Council, the longest member, Ted Zakany, received a standing ovation after he finished his final night working for Zanesville.

Zakany has been a member of council for the last thirty years and during a brief speech he noted how much the Y-City has changed for the better during this time. Changes he mentioned he was happy about were new and stronger traffic light structures and the revamped 5th and 6th Streets that has given the Downtown area a new look.

"Zanesville is a great place to live and the more you live it, the more you look around, you will fall in love with Zanesville, it just seems to have everything whether it is sports, school, just the Downtown look something we can be proud of," Zakany said.

He also reminisced about a change he made when he was Council President years ago. He implemented a change to roll call every meeting because prior to that it went alphabetical and he was always last to vote with a last name beginning with Z.

"20, 26 years that the way it’s been done and it works! As you can see tonight, if you follow council, you will see that continue and I thought it put the pressure on, everybody gets that first chance to be first."

It was also the final night as a council member for Stephen Kilpatrick and DJ Dittmar.