Staying Warm in Freezing Temperatures

by Katie McGraw on December 11, 2013 at 7:09 am

Arctic temperatures have arrived and with only a few weeks until from the official start of winter, the colder air seems to be here to stay.

The good news is . . . there are various methods to keep your home warm and wallet thick.

"The main thing with keeping your house warm in the winter is air loss,” explained Dale Bailey, a salesman at the Sunrise Do-It Center. “Heat loss from air flow, so you need to check around your windows and doors for air flow, make sure they fit tight. If they don’t, you need to get weather stripping and put it around them. If you are getting air flow around the trim, then you either need to caulk inside or outside."

Another way to keep heat from escaping your windows, is to use clear vinyl. It usually comes in a kit, which includes double side tape and you can create a storm window. None of these items break the bank, so you can save a buck on expensive heating bills.

"My own house personally, we have been doing that stuff over the years. In 25 years, my gas bill is less now that it was 25 years ago, so it helps considerably because i know gases went up."

Bailey says if you have chosen to use a space heater as an additional or back up heat source, you need to get a vent-less propane or gas heater or an electric heater.