The First Autistic Learning Center

by Katie McGraw on December 17, 2013 at 11:25 am

CASS MIND Academy is now the first organization in Muskingum County to offer an Autistic Learning Center and this past weekend and Tuesday, the school had an open house for interested or current families.

CASS MIND CEO, Cassandra McDonald said her hope is to educate autistic children by identifying their needs. She said what is different about the center, versus a classroom setting, is it is based on each individual.

"Every child has their own individual curriculum, made specifically for them,” McDonald explained. “It makes it really unique and they can move along with the specialist that they have in their specific areas of need and we have seen such growth even in the few weeks that we have been open."

The learning center has been approved by the Ohio Department of Education and has various scholarship programs available to help pay for your child’s education. If you are interested call CASS MIND at 740-408-2572and Cassandra and her team of specialists will be excited to help your child learn.