Nichole Hannahs

Time to Buy Your Dog Tags

by Nichole Hannahs on December 17, 2013 at 6:46 am

There’s just over a month left for you to purchase dog tags for your pet at the regular fee.

From now until January 31, a one year dog tag costs $10, a three year $30 and a permanent tag for $100. After the 31st the prices double. There are 13 vendors in the county that sell the tag, but if you’re interested in a three year or permanent tag only the Auditor’s office or Dog Pound can sell them.

There are some drawbacks to these types of tags.

"You cannot transfer that tag to another dog or if another person would buy your dog it cannot be transferred and there are no refunds when you buy a three year or permanent tag," said Auditor Debra Nye.

Having a tag allows a lost pet to quickly be reunited with its family. Someone that finds the dog can look up tag numbers on the auditor’s website and contact you about your pet.

This year Nye has saved the first tag for a special animal named Fred. Currently, the beagle/basset mix resides at the Animal Shelter, but the person that adopts him will get his dog tag free.

"He is just loveable. He wants to be on you, loving, kissing, cuddling, watching TV," said the Animal Shelter’s Charity Stevens. "He’s not your typical active wanting to run around, jump and play. He wants to be a snugglebug and he just likes to cuddle."

The auditor said next year they want to be able to send out an application to those that have dogs, so that they can renew through the mail. Nye said that’s why it’s important to notify them if your pet passes away.