Zanesville Council-At-Large Member Ted Zakany Retires

by Mackenzie Stasko on December 9, 2013 at 9:59 am

Friends, family and co-workers celebrated Zanesville City Council’s Council-at-Large member, Ted Zakany at his retirement party at Monday night. Zakany, a Zanesville native, started his career working in his family’s grocery store and has served on city council since 1976. At 86-years-old and after decades of serving on city council, Zakany says he’s most proud of passing legislation that benefits Zanesville’s law enforcement officers.

"Passing legislation that’s improved our police department where their salary is good, the equipment is good and we’ve been able to hold onto our policemen after that 500 hours of training and getting those young recruits to stay whit the city of Zanesville and grow with us. Of course, they’ll learn to love Zanesville like I love it," Zakany explained.

Zakany also served on the city’s planning commission board, the board of appeals and in the civil services department and worked as a gas and electric commercial consultant until he was 83. As for if he’ll miss the usual slew of spectators and concerned citizens at council meetings, he says he will.

"I’m glad to meet with them and talk with them. I said, ‘what’s your complaint? I’m gonna get you an answer! And if you don’t like it, or ya do like it, you’ll have an answer and I’ll get you an answer, and that’s been my policy."

Zakany says while he’s not sure what he’ll do once he’s retired from city council, he says, he "won’t be bored."