Attorney General Mike DeWine Hosts Community Forum On Drug Abuse

by Mackenzie Stasko on January 28, 2014 at 11:40 am

Attorney General Mike DeWine’s 5th Community Forum on drug abuse was held at the Zane State College/OUZ Campus Center to discuss drug abuse in Muskingum County. While DeWine recognized the effective programs in Muskingum County, he said it will take the community to help fix the problem.

"The dad’s program for example, that helps people, but there may be some other ideas that we can share with the grassroots in the county because it has to come up from the grassroots," DeWine explained. "It can’t be just the sheriff, it can’t be just the pastor, it can’t just be the chief of police or just the Attorney General, it’s gotta be a grassroots effort."

DeWine also said it will it take a number of components like treatment, education in the schools and community and increased presence of law enforcement.

"I think the most important thing we can do is put the spotlight on the issue and make some resources available as far as what other counties do and what works and frankly what doesn’t work."

From here a drug abuse outreach coordinator from DeWine’s office will meet with local officials and pastors to review Tuesday’s discussion for curbing the problem.