Business Spikes at Local Car Wash

by Courtney Wheaton on January 30, 2014 at 6:36 am

The weather is finally improving and people in our area took advantage of warmer temperatures by getting their vehicles washed.

Owner of Soft Cloth Car Wash on Maple Avenue, John Thomas says that his crews were constantly working throughout the morning and afternoon.

"Today its been very busy and I expect it to be as long as it doesn’t rain or snow and get to cold again. It was very busy because people’s cars are very dirty, " said Thomas.

Thomas says with the large amounts of salt and other chemicals on the ground to melt the snow it is important to get your car washed to remove the harmful residue.

"Salt is very corrosive and there’s been a lot of salt put down on the roads in the last week or so, and people haven’t the opportunity to wash them off because it’s been so cold so they are taking advantage of the warmer weather today," said Thomas

When washing your car during the winter months people should opt for conveyor belt car washes versus automatic and self serve options that tend to freeze up during the colder weather.