City Street Department Urges Drivers to Slow Down

by Courtney Wheaton on January 25, 2014 at 5:49 am

Officials from the Zanesville City Street Department were on call on Saturday to deal with the severe winter weather.

Street Superintendent, Jeff Shook says that his department started to prepare early for the level two weather conditions by making sure each vehicle was in prime working condition.

"We check all of our cut and edges, make sure they are all long enough. We make sure that they are all full fluids, tires are all good, and everything is working. All the spinners working and all that. "

Shook says that they must deal with larger roadways before his team can tackle the side streets and roads. He asks the public to be patient while they continue to work, and urges driver’s to proceed with caution.

"One thing is to drive slow and best thing is if they don’t have to come out it’s best not to come out. They should just stay home."

The street department says that they are trying to hold off on salting until the snow ends, but will start if necessary.