Cold Weather Allows Farmer’s To Harvest Left Over Crops

by Mackenzie Stasko on January 7, 2014 at 6:45 am

With last fall’s rainy weather, OSU Extension Educator, Mark Mechling, says many farmer’s weren’t able to complete their harvest. But with the cold weather we’re experiencing, it’s allowed farmer’s to finish harvesting.

"We see a little bit of corn left and actually the cold weather has solidified that soil and allowed some of our farmer’s to actually get some harvesting done in the past week or so," said Mechling. "So that’s been a positive also."

But there is a downside for livestock farmer’s. Mechling said because livestock are using up more energy, higher quality feed is needed to replenish that energy, and farmer’s need to monitor them more often.

"It takes longer to feed livestock, farmer’s have to check water more frequently to check they’re not frozen because it’s important that livestock have adequate access to water, obviously this time of year."

Mechling said if the cold snap were to last longer than just a few days, it be much more detrimental to farmer’s.