Isaac Thomas Leaves Behind Family and Loved Ones

by Courtney Wheaton on January 23, 2014 at 11:41 am

"Only yellow tape remains at the scene of a shooting that took the life of 35- year-old,  Isaac Thomas and now his family and law enforcement are looking for justice.

Thomas’ girlfriend of three years and the mother of his youngest child, Jenna Starkey says that although Thomas was far from perfect he was a good person. She says he should still be alive to watch his son Maddox grow up.

"I don’t even know what I am going to begin to tell him he’s only 10 months. I don’t know.. I’ll just tell him everyday that your dad loved you."

The Zanesville Police Department says that it all started at approximately 9 p.m. on Wednesday when they received reports of a shooting on the 400 block of Spangler Drive.

"A gentleman said he heard a shot saw someone run out of a house down the street and fall. We have also gotten word that a person ran from the house in the other direction also,"said Captain Merry.

According to family members Thomas was sent to Good Samaritan Hospital with a close range bullet wound to the chest. He later died at the hospital due to his injuries. Detectives spent Thurday searching the scene for evidence and questioned neighbors about what they witnessed.

"We get down there and talk to people, but they don’t seem to know anything. They can’t tell us anything or won’t tell us anything whether it’s out of fear or they just don’t want to cooperate I don’t know," said Merry.

As of now the department says they are reviewing leads, but the shooting remains under investigation. One thing that is certain is the love that Thomas’ grandmother had for her grandson. She says she will miss many things about her Isaac.

"The look he use to get in his eyes. He always had a laugh behind his eyes. I don’t know if it was mischievous or if he was just happy but I loved him very much, " said Connie Akins.