Nichole Hannahs

Kitchen Incubator Project Gets Cooking

by Nichole Hannahs on January 30, 2014 at 6:38 am

The Muskingum County Business Incubator crosses another hurdle in the quest to create a licensed kitchen.

Looking at the current kitchen at the MCBI on Pinkerton Lane it may be hard to imagine the delicious smells of salsa or workers tirelessly canning vegetables. But, that’s what the incubator’s executive director is asking you to envision.

"We will have larger ovens for baking. We will have larger kettles to produce salsa. We will have work stations where they can chop larger quantities of vegetables and prepare," said Executive Director Carol Humphries. "There will be a storage area for them to be able to leave their cold products. They’ll be able to leave their pots and pans, so they don’t have to carry them back and forth."

Humphries said for the kitchen incubator to be reality $100,000 needed to be found for two years of operational expenses. The Muskingum County Commissioners and Port Authority have agreed to split the cost. Humphries said farmer’s can now create other products with their produce.

"We can can them and we can have another product made with them and now they’re still going to get the benefit of that," said Humphries.

A meeting on the 19th with the MCBI Board will finalize the project. The purchase of new equipment and minor renovations will take place after that. The goal is to have the kitchen incubator running by June.