George Hiotis

Mayor Tilton Fires Public Service Director

by George Hiotis on January 29, 2014 at 1:01 am

The City of Zanesville will soon be looking for a new Public Service Director.  Mayor Jeff Tilton says Jim Sawyer has been fired from the position. Tilton says there was just too much turmoil since Sawyer took over the position two months ago.  The Mayor says there were philosophical differences between the way the two wanted the department run.  Tilton says he thought he would make the move to fire Sawyer since he was still in the probationary period of his employment.  Tilton says right now deputy director Mike Sims is running the department.  Chip Saunders is acting service director.  Tilton says he plans to go to City Council and request more money to hire the new Public Service Director.