George Hiotis

McGilton: Daniel Wanted To Pay Witnesses With Meth

by George Hiotis on January 17, 2014 at 1:17 am

It’s likely the final day of the trial of the White Cottage man charged in a fatal shooting at Burger King in South Zanesville.  34-year-old Timothy Daniel is facing multiple charges including aggravated murder in the death of 61-year-old Charles Hooper. With the prosecution resting yesterday, Friday Daniel only called one witness in his defense, ex-girlfriend Heidi McGilton testified for 5 minutes. In cross examination Prosecutor Mike Haddox questioned the McGilton and she admitted that Daniel had coached her and hatched a plan to find people to testify and say they were at Burger King when the shooting happened…when in fact they were not.  Haddox asked the McGilton if Daniel had been planning to pay off witnesses for 3 months, and she responded yes with methamphetamine.  She testified that Daniel – in a letter – stated that "we’ll stop Hooper from looking like an innocent bystander". The jury is expected to get the case at some point later today.