Nichole Hannahs

New Fire Fighting Tool for Zanesville

by Nichole Hannahs on January 15, 2014 at 8:26 am

A new fire fighting tool arrives in the early morning hours to its new home in Zanesville.

Three firefighters and a city maitenance worker drove the new fire engine all the way from Wisconsin to the Epply Avenue Station where it will be housed.

The new Engine 2, a 2013 Pierce Velocity Pumper, cost $480,000. The new Engine 2 replaces the current Engine 2, which has been in service for over 15 years.

"We had to repair the frame on it twice. The frame has gone bad a few times and we’ve had to cut pieces out and replace it. It’s at the end of it’s expected life cycle," explained Zanesville Fire Chief Kevin Thomas. "The new one we’re replacing it with should have a road life of 20-25 years."

Thomas said the new engine is bigger and has more electronic and computer driven processes. Prior to going into service the truck will be fitted with radio equipment, the fire equipment from the old truck will be mounted to it and tire chains put on it.

Firefighters will also have to get used to the new rig.

"We’ll have to have some training classes," said Thomas. "This has a different style of compressed air foam system on it, pumping system we’re not familiar with. We’ll have some training classes on that. It has some changes from the old trucks we have."

The retired Engine 2 won’t be going anywhere. It’s identical to Engine 3 which is still in service and a year or two from being replaced. They’ll use the old Engine 2 for parts to cut down on maintenance costs until the replacement is bought.

New Engine 2 should be in service in 2-3 weeks.