ODOT Responds to Winter Weather

by Courtney Wheaton on January 31, 2014 at 6:46 am

The Ohio Department of Transportation is gearing up for the second round of winter weather.

Transportation Administrator for Muskingum County, Phil Valentine says that he is unsure if the next few days will be filled with snow, rain or ice, but his crews are getting machinery ready to keep county roads salted and as dry as possible.

"Right now we are getting a lot of our trucks serviced. A lot of blades still need to be changed from the last storm that we had, and another problem we have with an event like last weekend is the possibility of rain gathering on sides of roads. We can’t get to ditch lines, pipes, " said Valentine.

He says that ODOT crews have a variety of methods they use to keeps the roads free of snow and ice for drivers. One way is by distributing salt in the middle portion of roadways.

"Every state route is built with a crown in it or a high side and we are trying to get the salt to that part of the road so we can get the maximum use out of the salt it runs from the center line out," said Valentine.

ODOT also uses its plow truck to push back the snow . Valentine says sometimes they accidentally knock down mail boxes in the process and will replace or reset them if owners give his office a call. He also says there is a high chance of black ice forming on the roadways and drivers should proceed with caution.