Prevent Pipes From Bursting

by Mackenzie Stasko on January 21, 2014 at 6:41 am

AAA Insurance is cautioning homeowners to be aware of the potential risks of pipes bursting due to the cold weather. AAA Sales Manager Rhoda Collins, says water damage is a common insurance claim for homeowners, something she says can be easily prevented.

"You should open your cabinets in your home so the heat can circulate around the pipes, let the water drip from your faucets and you should keep thermostats at 55 degrees or higher," Collins explained. "This will help prevent some of the pipes freezing throughout your house."

According to AAA, many standard homeowners insurance policies don’t cover water damage caused by burst pipes. Making and proving certain insurance claims can be time consuming, confusing, and often come with limitations.

"if you have any questions about your current policy that you have, again you can give Brad Dye a call here at the Zanesville store or if you’re interested in getting a free insurance quote on auto home or life insurance, please give us a call."

You can call AAA at 740-454-1234.