Program Encourages Parents to Talk to Teens About Drugs

by Courtney Wheaton on January 14, 2014 at 6:29 am

Governor John Kasich says it’s time for parent to talk to their children about the dangers of drugs.

The online initiative is called Start Talking and it gives parents the proper tools to sit down and talk to their teens about pain pills and other prescribed drugs. CEO of Muskingum Behavioral Health, Steve Carrel says that having these conversation could save a life.

"The government also knew that young people who have parents that talk to them about drug use are about 50 percent less likely to use so if we can get parents to talk with their young people. The website has all kinds of ideas and things to talk about," said Carrel.

The website also has suggestions on what parents can do to prevent access to prescription drugs and deter their children from using them.

"Secure your medications, there are locks lock boxes you can get for that. Parents can talk also about medication is a prescribed and there’s a reason why it’s prescribed, " said Carrel.

Carrel says the website features a 11 minute instructional video that shows people how prescription drug use can ruin families and how to stop this from happening in your own home. For more information you can visit the start talking website at