Remembering 2013

by Katie McGraw on January 3, 2014 at 8:22 am

As we close out 2013, there is plenty that comes to mind when recalling the top news stories that WHIZ has covered over the past twelve months.

There were stories of humanitarian work, helping hands and various generous benefits for different causes. There was economic growth, newly elected officials, major flooding in perry county and some high profile court cases such as Richard Klein and LaFonse Dixon.

But there were some other. . . more sinister headlines.

The second burned body case in two years. The victim, who was later identified as Phillip Kimbro Jr, was found along the side of the road in Morgan County in the month of July.  In the days following the murder, there was a massive manhunt for suspect, Shaquille Davis, as he eluded authorities until August 7th.

"There was no resisting, they used minimal force to get inside the apartment and he surrendered with no problem," explained ZPD Captain Tony Coury, on the day they captured Davis.

Davis was charged with aggravated murder and four other women were charged with various crimes due to their involvement in Kimbro’s death.

Flip the calendar forward to a horror filled holiday in October.

"We need a. . . we need someone down here at Burger King in South Zanesville! We had a man. . . someone just shot a man in the head," said a male during the 911 phone call on October 31st.

During a Halloween breakfast, at the popular fast food restaurant, 34-year-old Timothy Daniel, fatally shot 61 year old Charles Hooper.  

Daniel plead not guilty and is opting to represent himself. He is facing life in prison if convicted.

Most recently, another holiday will be forever scarred for another family.

26 year old, pizza delivery driver, Kayla Thompson was abducted and murdered the day after Christmas, leaving a shocked and grieving family.

"What makes you think you can do this to someone,” said Thompson’s sister. “What gives you that right?"

32 year old Adam Burris, led detectives to Dillon State Park where authorities recovered her body. Burris has been charged in the murder with a bond set for one million dollars.

"With a million dollars, he ain’t getting out,” said Kayla’s mother, Sandra Ruton. “So I feel good about him staying there.”

All three of these horrendous murders are likely to make more headlines in 2014 as court proceedings continue into the new year.