Ribbon Cutting For Tech Center at Zane State College

by Courtney Wheaton on January 8, 2014 at 6:52 am

The brand new Zane State Advanced Science and Technology Center in Zanesville opened its doors to the public on Wednesday at a ribbon cutting celebration.

President of Zane State College, Paul Brown says that for the past six years leaders of the college have worked together on the " Build a Vibrant Community Campaign" which included providing scholarships, technology and equipment to its growing student population. Brown says the new buildings in Zanesville and Cambridge are just the beginning of a bright future for our area.

"They can expect an experience like they never experienced before, the latest technology is in this building so we will be doing a lot of hands on simulations as well as hands on equipment as well as a lot of things associated with information technology," said Brown.

The Zanesville building features wind, geo-thermal, and solar technology as well as a number of instruction rooms that are similar to what students will face once they get out in the real world.

"It will help us learn because we are actually set up like e regular doctor’s office instead of a classroom, so when you come into our area here you come into an area that looks like a doctor’s office. We have a desk, so it’s like a receptionist waiting area and then when we call each other back we come into the lab like a regular exam room, " said Zane State Medical Student, Angelia Henry.

The building will open on Monday for students and Thursday Zane State will have another ribbon cutting for the Epic Center opening in Cambridge.