Several Frostbite Cases At Good Samaritan ER

by Mackenzie Stasko on January 7, 2014 at 6:43 am

The ER at Genesis Good Samaritan is reporting cases of frostbite.

Although emergency rooms actually see fewer patients during extreme weather, Director of Trauma and Emergency at Good Samaritan, David Davis, said there have been several people admitted to the ER with weather-related health problems.

"We’ve had some frostbite, nothing too bad," Davis explained. "We’ve had several car crashes that seem to be weather related, lots of falls and a lot of season flu and cold. Haven’t been real busy because it’s really too cold for people to come out unless they’re real sick."

While some of those patients took the necessary precautions, others did not.

"In this kind of extreme cold, particularly with a little bit of impaired circulation if maybe you have diabetes, if you have peripheral artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, the tolerance for frostnip on exposed fingers, ears and nose is pretty quick. It’s minutes not hours."

Davis wants to remind people to stay hydrated, check on their elderly relatives and outdoor pets.