Sewer Department Plans to Fix Broken Force Main

by Courtney Wheaton on January 13, 2014 at 6:33 am

The  Muskingum County Sewer Department  Manager met with County Commissioners to discuss a broken force main on Creamery Rd.

Kenny Beisser says in the last year the force main has broken three times and it’s costing his department money. So far they have spent more than $24,000 in repairs and now they plan to fix the problem. The department will repair the force main in house meaning they will not seek help from contractors and use their own funding.

"We have money saved up that we saved through the years to do equipment replacement so anytime that we have anything that breaks, we have the money to replace these type items," said Beisser.

He says that they hope to start repairs in a couple of weeks and the project will take approximately a week and a half to complete in full.

"We have to bypass the pump station, tie into the old portion of the main and then once that is done the we will start ripping out the old pipe and start replacing the old pipe," said Beisser.

The project is expected to cost just around $30,000.