Shoppers Prepare for Winter Weather

by Courtney Wheaton on January 18, 2014 at 5:38 am

Ohio has already suffered through one polar vortex and it looks like a less deadly cold spell is on the way very soon.

Store Manager at the Downtown Riesbeck’s, Rich Daugherty says that in the next week he expects an influx of customers due to upcoming weather conditions. He says the forecast can play a huge decision in people’s shopping habits.

"Depending on how bad the weather is going to be and to what extent people panic and start buying some essentials so maybe if they are stranded for a day or two," said Daugherty.

When preparing for cold or inclement weather he says that some items sell more quickly than others on the shelves.

"Of course the sidewalk salt, milk, bread, cereal for the kids. If they are going to be home from school anything that maybe is easy for the kids to cook. If parents have to go to work and kids are still stranded at home, " said Daugherty.

The colder weather is expected to come in the next week and shoppers should plan ahead. Fresh water and high energy snacks are always important items to have in store in case of emergency.