State Rep Brian Hill Talks House Bills

by Courtney Wheaton on January 20, 2014 at 7:40 am

State Representative for the 97th Ohio District, Brian Hill gives us an update on the latest bills passing through the statehouse.

Hill says there are a variety of bills up for debate but one of the most prominent is House Bill 375 that deals with the oil and gas industry paying more money in severance taxes. If passed, the money will go towards a variety of projects in the state.

"To help fund projects to orphan wells or abandoned wells in Ohio by trying to eliminate those which are environmental concerns. It will also help fund the regulatory side of ODNR to make sure we have a safe environment and safe drilling practices, " said Hill.

Another bill up for judiciary review focuses on increasing penalties for people who hit and run at the scene of accidents. One Guernsey County boy died last year in one of these situations.

" We try to address it so that that somebody that leaves the scene that is drinking doesn’t get off easier than those who stay in take the punishment. Those issues are what’s going on right now," said Hill.

Hills says that his goal is to improve the lives of people in Eastern Ohio in one way or another and has big plans for 2014.