The City is on the Watch Out for Potholes

by Courtney Wheaton on January 13, 2014 at 6:31 am

Potholes have been popping up around the city and officials from the Zanesville Street Department say they are working to patch them up.

Street superintendent, Jeff Shook says that the rapidly changing weather conditions are the cause for the large amount of pot holes affecting our area. He says his crews are out most of the day filling the holes.

"There’s two different ways to fix them during winter months, we can’t get the hot materials, we use the cold mixture which we call cold mix and that’s what we use during the winter time and that’s what we use to patch pot holes it’s just a temporary patch for now," said Shook.

The mixture usually last about two weeks and then the city must refill the holes. They have more than two hundred tons of mix to last them through the winter and so far they have used a fourth of their supply. Zanesville’s Public Service Director says if you see a pot hole you can contact the city to get it taken care of.

"We have priorities so for example we take care of our major roads first because those are primary arteries for traffic. We have to make sure they heavier transportation needs and vehicles have access so the local streets are sometimes put in a secondary priority nature," said Jim Sawyer.

Until the pot holes can be permanently filled with asphalt in the spring, the city ask drivers to slow down when driving over them. If you want to report a pothole call the Zanesville Street Department garage at 740-455-0615.